Improve your Search Engine Click Through Rate

What is Schema? (often called Schema) is a set of microdata that can be added to your website to improve the way search engines read and represent your page in search results. We offer a schema markup service to get this all set up on your site. was born from collaboration between Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo! to help you give the search engines more information about your site and to help them understand your content better. Adding Schema markup to your website improves the way your page displays in search engines by enhancing the rich snippets that are displayed beneath the page title. Take a look at the examples above.

The first search result above contains a star rating, cook time and also the calorific value of the recipe. These have all been added using Schema markup. The other two sites do not have schema set up and instead display other information chosen by Google, usually pulled from the intro to the article or via metadata. Adding schema to your site makes you stand out from the crowd in a big way.

You can take control of these search engine results by having Schema set up on your site.

Standard Schema Setup

Star Ratings Website Url Site Type Business name Site Image Price Range Site Telephone Additional Type GeoCoordinates Address Address Region Street Address Logo Social Profiles Corporate Contacts Description

Comprehensive Schema Setup

All Standard Features Plus 100 markups for any of the following…

News Articles
Aggregate Ratings
Local Business
Job Postings
TV Episodes
Q&A Page
Item Lists